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Lerici – Liguria (northern Italy)




Lerici is a town in the province of La Spezia, located at the center of a small natural cove, known as Seno di Lerici, on a promontory with a castle right on the top, that hosts at present a paleontological museum.

Its territory is included in the Eastern Riviera, exactly on the west side of the Gulf of La Spezia: with its administrative seat and Portovenere, in one of the three municipalities facing the Gulf of Poets, a wider area of unique beauty, which has an essential bond with the great writers of the twentieth and nineteenth century.



In the same area, there is the village of San Terenzo, which is almost opposite Lerici, the area of Venere Azzurra is in between the two, and Tellaro is further est of Lerici, it is an ancient fisherman village; just before you reach it, you will find Fiascherino, with its two beaches, all these places are well known for their particular landscapes.


Besides Tellaro has been included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages of Italy, Lerici, with its sunny summers and the beautiful sea that touches the coast, is mainly covered with Mediterranean maquis, in the past, famous writers spent some time here, such as Lord Byron, Mary and her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, David H. Lawrence, who wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and had a passionate love story in Tellaro; not mention Mario Soldati, writer, journalist, and film director;


Tellaro was for all of them, a source of inspiration, a home, and a safe nest. The economy of the wonders of the territory, and its sandy sea bottom – a rarity in this area – accessible to anyone. The area is part of the Natural Regional Park of Montemarcello-Magra, established to safeguard the flora and fauna, here it is possible to bump into one of the so-called “cavanei”, stone construction with a vaulted ceiling, of the unspecified period, very rare and listed as minor monumental structures of Liguria.


Here the cuisine is excellent and consists mainly of the most delicious bluefish, then discover the hospitality of the characteristic hamlets located on the hills, enrich the landscapes of Lerici, for a perfect stay.


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