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Mysterious Travel Destinations with Saro Di Bartolo – The South West USA

Travel With Saro Di Bartole

“Gifts for you from Mother Nature!”

The South West USA

From a young age, Saro Di Bartolo cultivates the study of photography and since 1969 he has also began to do professional work. He collaborates with advertising agencies, publishers, and tour operators.
Passionate about history, art and customs of peoples, he traveled extensively, producing reportages in various regions of the world.

Collections from which splendid videos have emerged, today present on Youtube. Since the eighties he has been dealing with internet and multimedia products. Areas in which it has received prestigious awards.

His articles and images have appeared in various publications. Among those presences: Airone, BBC History Italy, Bell’Italia, Capital, Growth Tourism, Dove, Gazzetta dello Sport, Geo Travel Magazine, Hemispheres, Travels, the Rest of Carlino, La Maison / Lifestyle, la Repubblica, Max, Motosprint , Nautical, Qui Touring.

He is the author of over 30 exhibitions, solo and collective, among other things together with international celebrities such as Mike Goldwater and Tim Fitzharris.

His website, active since 1997 and constantly renewed, boasts over 2 million page views.

These are some of the most recent and important ones:

”Mediterraneum Collection”, Catania, Masters of Photo Art“Ghost Towns, Mining Cities of the American Far West”, Acireale “Futuristic Bicycle Lightpaintings” Riccione, Cycling Tour of Italy” “Bangladesh”, Dogana Community Center – ASFA, Republic of San Marino, Exhibit Gallery IAT-Pro Loco Santarcangelo di Romagna, SI FEST Savignano sul Rubicone, Moderno Theatre, Guest of Honor at the “Circuito OFF Lucca 2018”, Gallery of the Library of Riccione Township, “Fotoperpassione” Gallery, Giarre, FIAF Gallery of Augusta, Galleria “ViaDelSignore”, Puntalazzo, Palazzo Vigo Gallery, Township of Riposto, “Vietnam, a Country to Discover”, Turin “Futurist Photopaintings”, Morciano di Romagna “Cortona on the Move Festival” “Fatto Quotidiano Festival, Marina di Pietrasanta”, selected by Oliviero Toscani “The Tale of Rimini”, “Teatro degli Atti”, Rimini “Splash – Water for Life”, “Emporio 31”, Milan “Rocce e Granelli”, Republic of San Marino “Beauty is Good for You”, Archiginnasio of Bologna, with permanent photos exhibited in the city hospitals “World Landscapes”, Rimini Fair “Namibia, Last Frontier of Capricorn”, Mondo Natura, Rimini “Tower of Time – Photography, Poetry and Music”, with Mario Luzi and Luciano Sampaoli, Longiano “The Eyes of the Bow”, Rimini Boat Show – Regatta 550×2, Porto Santa Margherita “From the Black Sea to the Red Sea”, Rimini, Sant’Agata Feltria “Continent Anatolia “, Municipality of Riccione

Among his many editorial achievements:

“Giò Pomodoro – Ornamenti 1954-95”, at the Venice Biennale and at the “Fashion Institute of Technology Museum” in New York “Magical Transparencies, The Old Windows”, Sansepolcro The “Guides to the 7 Museums of the Province of Rimini” series “Treasures of Art and Faith”, Emilia Romagna Region The monumental works “Colosseums in the World” and “Theatra” “Museums in Emilia Romagna”, Cultural Heritage Institute, Bologna “Urbino and Other Wonders”, Municipality of Urbino “Zagami Escultura”, Caracas, Venezuela

Among his prestigious awards:

– 1st Prize, United Airlines “International Travel Photography Grand Prize” among 15,000 photographers from all over the world – RAI3, Italian National TV Network, dedicates a special space to him, presenting his photos during the program “Mediterranean” – Winner of the Lonely Planet contest “Endless World Passion”, among 3,000 participants – 1st Prize at the 12th International Film Festival and Tourist CD-ROM of Varese, involving 26 countries – Special Environment Prize from the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey – “Posidone, Mediterranean Review of Culture and Environment”, Culture-Photography Award, WWF – Awarded in Catania of the “44th Silver Carnation” Prize – Winner of the 1st 100 Cities of Art Award in Ferrara, with his CD-ROM “Museums and Collections in Emilia Romagna” – Chosen in Los Angeles, together with the best nature photographers in the world, for the prestigious “Inner Reflections Calendar” – Present in the “Center for Photography of the Republic of San Marino” – First foreign photographer to publish a report on “Enthusiast Photographers Magazine”, the first English language international photography magazine in Bangladesh.- In October 2019 Guest Author at the 9th UCOP in Roseto degli Abruzzi, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award, together with the famous Reuters photojournalist Tony Gentile – In August 2020 selected as an author of the ”Mediterraneum Collection”, exhibiting together with great Masters of Photo Art, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, Sebastião Salgado, etc.

Saro Di Bartolo is naturally present on Facebook. / Saro Di Bartolo



(All photos published by courtesy of Saro Di Bartolo)

T. Gejadze – Question: Please name the country or countries, the nature of which you charmed?

Saro Di Bartolo: I love very much to take pictures of landscape, I love to show the great beauty of Mother Nature and there are various countries where I have taken my favorite photographs. One area for lovely image is the South Wests of the United States. In addition to growing up to the age of a teenager, The USA is a country where I went countless times as an adult, both for vacation and for business … as a native English speaker, in my “first life”, besides being a photographer, I worked as an interpreter. In the course of such trips, I have been very little tourist and much more traveler. In fact, by moving in total autonomy, sometimes even for months, with a rental car and sleeping every night in a different hotel or motel, I was able to collect a considerable amount of photographs of the United States of America.

Images that document the most diverse aspects of the great and often contradictory American civilization. I traveled to the discovery of picturesque places and territories of timeless charm, between cities and incredible natural landscapes, many of which made famous also by Hollywood’s great films. I always visited carefully selected destinations along carefully studied itineraries.

In short, while traveling “on the road” and having also traveled the legendary Route 66, I preferred to do things “my way”, in my own way, without following the suggestion of the American writer Jack Kerouac, who in his famous book “On the Road ”says:“ Just follow the road and sooner or later you go around the world. It can’t end up anywhere else, can it? ” By doing so and always privileging possible photographic opportunities, I discovered the charm of breathtaking natural destinations and large American cities.

I walked to Times Square and Fifth Avenue in New York, the “big apple”, the city that never sleeps. I admired the elegance of European San Francisco, resting on gentle hills and overlooking the beautiful bay, on which stands the famous Golden Gate Bridge, which at sunset shows all its pride. I walked on the sunny beach of Miami Beach, where the ocean merges with the earth, between the lights and colors of a young and cheerful city, ready to welcome you with its warmth and liveliness and, always in Florida, I went back to being a child at Disney World and Orlando’s amazing amusement and fantasy parks.

Traveling to the USA also means including destinations like crazy Las Vegas and Hollywood, the cradle of American cinema in Los Angeles. I strolled along Sunset Boulevard, where the biggest stars have carved their names, and even took a tour of Beverly Hills. I’m not making a list of places in the US, but from Seattle on the Pacific to Boston on the Atlantic, from the Great Lakes, to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, from towering reefs on the Pacific Ocean coast to Washington and Niagara River Falls, far and wide, I photographed the USA. In addition to towns and cities, what I adore most of all on the American continent is its splendid nature reserves.

I visited and photographed most of its naturalistic treasures and most of the national parks, including all the most important ones: from Yellowstone and Grand Teton on the Snake River to Yosemite National Park and Sequoia Park, famous for its gigantic sequoias, from the Death Valley desert, between California and Nevada, up to Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, sacred places for fans of the true Far West.

I photographed Zion and Bryce Canyon in Utah, the mysterious, colorful and remote Fly Ranch Geyser in Nevada, the Fall Foliage of New England, on the border with Canada.

The same goes for the spectacular landscape of Arches in Moab, the alligators in the swamps of the Everglades, the Great Salt Lake of Salt Lake City, the White Sands National Park in Alamogordo, near the mysterious Roswell Area 51. I went in search of vintage cars in the South West states, of “boneyards”, airplane cemeteries in Phoenix, Tucson and the whole south, of the marginalization of Native American Indians, as in the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.

I also went in search of ghost towns, the mining ghost towns scattered throughout the old west, as illustrated in one of my videos…but those are other stories!

For now, I offer you a selection of my favorite landscape pictures.

Gifts for you from Mother Nature!

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