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11 Vacation Destinations for 2022

11 Vacation Destinations for 2022

You might think that putting together a list of possible vacation destinations for 2022 might seem a little on the odd side. Then again, we’re about three-fourths of the way into 2021, and as screwy as last year was, this year has certainly become one for the ages as well.

One of the many things that started coming back in vogue was traveling. Considering how much time we spent at home over the last sixteen to eighteen months, going anywhere sounds pretty amazing. But as the world continues to grapple with all manner of issues, travel has started to get a little on the uncertain side. This, of course, has made booking any plans this year harder, if not wholeheartedly impractical.

As with most things in life, when you really want something, you’ve got to wait a little longer. And so it goes with traveling the world. Now, unless you make a habit of looking at maps all the time, you may have forgotten just how big this world of ours really is. In case you missed it, there’ve been some really, really rich folk making their way to outer space. When you look out the windows in the footage, you get a feel for just how massive Earth really is.

Why’s this of note? With so many places you can to which you can travel, how in the world do you narrow down the choices? If there weren’t enough things to make travel planning kinda tedious, now you’ve got to make sure you don’t pick a bum destination. It’s a lot of pressure, but don’t worry. With the right mindset & a few guidelines in place, you’ll find the right place for you & your family.

Need a little help with some possible destinations? Consider the following:

South Padre Island

Beyond the girls going wild, you may not have realized that ‘the beach’ as it’s known locally has been the playground for families of the Rio Grande Valley & south Texas for decades. In other words, it’s a family-friendly place.


As one of the biggest states in the U.S., you’ll find a lot of different environments, populations, and cultures with which to interact. It’s also one of the best drivable places on the planet.


If you love landscapes & awe-inspiring scenic wonder, Arizona is your place. Even if the only place you go is the Grand Canyon, you’ll have seen one of the greatest natural wonders known to mankind.


Our neighbors to the north have one of the most amazing histories of any place in the western world. You can find everything from chic & elegant urban environments to untouched swaths of nature. And if you travel during the winter, bundle up.


Seen as the ultimate place to travel to for art, history, and unparalleled interactions of people from all walks of life, Europe is the place everyone says they want to travel to before they die for a reason — it’s amazing. Every country offers something a little (or a lot) different, which is pretty amazing.

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Few places on Earth rival the exquisite cacophony of culture, language, and history that is Africa. If you really want to get a feel for what the world is & become entrenched in a place completely different than yours, Africa is the place to be.

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Red River/Rocky Mountains

We’ve heard all the songs about them. They’ve been featured in movies & TV. You’ve likely been in or near them when you’ve traveled west at some point. But if you’re into resort mountain towns in the Rockies without all the tourist noise, Red River is perfect.

Appalachian Mountains

Often lost in the mix of mountain destinations is the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern part of the U.S.. Full of history, culture, wonder, and oddly enough, it’s been one of the hottest places to visit in recent years.

Alaska & Montana

It’s not to take anything away from each of these individual states. Mentioning them in the same breath has more to do with noting the remoteness that each embodies. It’s all about pure wilderness.

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The Great American Road-Trip

Then again, a good, old-fashioned road-trip might be the best way to see everything you want without having to commit to one place in particular. Time to break out the station wagon!

The hope is that in 2022, picking vacation destinations won’t need special clearance or a call ahead regarding travel restrictions. When (not if) that day comes, at least you’ve got a few places to choose from, or at least start.

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