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Get Students Excited About a School Trip to Amsterdam

There are few cities as exciting for first time visitors as Amsterdam, and the students who come in their thousands every year find it a captivating and educational destination. It’s truly a place like no other, in terms of its art history, culture and architecture. As the capital of The Netherlands it’s the cultural hot spot of the country and an excellent destination for school trips.

With the assistance of a specialized educational tour operator, organizers of school trips can offer an expansive and fun itinerary including the following attractions.

Anne Frank House

Although Amsterdam is an enjoyable place for students to visit, it is also home to some of the more sombre parts of world history. Many pupils will be familiar with the story of Anne Frank through her famous diary, and visiting the museum in the house where she and her family hid is an educational experience like no other. The site is an authentic and sobering place to visit and is home to many historical items, such as the original diary Frank wrote in.   It provides an important learning experience and one that should be included on every itinerary of the city.




The Van Gogh Museum

A place that celebrates one of the world’s most renowned artists is always going to be a worthwhile visit for a school trip, and this has been one of the city’s most visited attractions since it opened in the 1970s. Housing hundreds of the troubled artist’s original works, there are few places to see such a vast collection of quality artwork under one roof. As well as exploring the exhibits, students can also join in with some of the educational workshops offered.


Zaanse Schans village

The Zaanse Schans village is a place where the images many people have of the Netherlands in their minds are brought to life. It is a fun way to experience the country as it would have been a few hundred years ago, with many authentic and educational attractions to immerse in. Students will enjoy visiting the traditional windmills and seeing accurate portraits of the past in the clog factory, bakery museum and cheese factory. It’s a little slice of quintessentially Dutch life and great fun as well.


Ask the Experts

For the teachers who plan these trips it can be a very challenging task and it’s often difficult to find the time to take care of the details so that students get the most out of the experience. It’s well worthwhile seeking out a specialist educational tour operator who can take care of all the details, including the itinerary and accommodation.

With so many different things to see and do in Amsterdam, it’s no wonder that so many school trip organisers choose it year after year. Whether you’re looking to teach your students about culture, art, history or geography, the capital of The Netherlands will provide the inspiration you’re looking for.

Author: Laura Jeeves

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