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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located 150 miles above the Arctic Circle, next to the largest national park in Finland. The 500 acres of arctic wilderness take your breath away and give you a feeling of literally being on the edge of the world.

The resort is filled with most unique marvels of arctic architecture and design. Nearly everything from the accommodation units and restaurants to the interior decorations and furniture is designed and made by local craftsmen and artists. Most of the buildings are designed and initiated by the owner and founder Jussi Eiramo himself, including the iconic Glass igloos invented and first built in 1999. Made of thermal glass they keep the guests warm and let them admire the arctic sky even when the temperatures get freezing. In addition to the igloos, the wilderness hides a plethora of charming chalets and chambers. The the chalets as well as most of the buildings on the resort are built of large kelo pines – trees that once stood dead and dried out – and designed in a rugged style that fits perfectly with their wild surroundings. While guests won’t find widescreen TVs or dishwashers inside, they can enjoy even better sources of entertainment in every cabin – a fireplace and a sauna.

The latest invention by Mr. Eiramo is the Kelo-Glass igloo – a log chalet with an integrated glass igloo combining the best of both worlds: the comforting warmth of the cosy log cabins with the sensational views of our world-famous glass igloos. The resort is developing all the time and new extrodinary facilities are being designed and built followed by Mr. Eiramo’s great vision. However, they are built on terms of the beautiful Lappish landscape so that they discreetly blend in to the scenery. Thus, guest will always come to Kakslauttanen to admire the incredible beauty of the arctic nature and the masterpieces of arctic architecture and design.

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